LG LMXS30776 ReviewWe recently purchased a brand new LG refrigerator (LMXS30776) for our home and I thought it might be a good idea to give you a completely non-professional “family” review of the fridge. Professional reviews are great, but sometimes you want to hear how real people and real families use products instead of reading about how certain products compare to a dozen other high end products.

We’re a family of four who eats most of our meals at home. The fridge we replaced was a 20-year-old Maytag side-by-side refrigerator that had about 24 cubic feet of storage space and was pretty loud when it ran. The narrow freezer space was inconvenient for bulk frozen foods and the fridge area always seemed dark and overcrowded.

So was our new LG refrigerator worth the money?

The Price

Through a combination of sales, coupons, reduced sales tax gimmicks and financing offers were we able to get our LG stainless steel French door style refrigerator for about $3,000. That price includes delivery, take away of our old fridge, sales tax and a 3 year full warranty from The Home Depot.

The suggested retail price from LG at the moment is $3,999, but you can get it from a number of big box retailers for even less.  If you really want to save some money you can actually get the LG LMXS30776S for under $3,000.

It should also be noted that some Kenmore Elite refrigerators are actually made by LG, so when you’re shopping for the best deal you may want to look at the Kenmore Elite line as well.

The Size

Trimming off the bottom of kitchen cabinets

These are my cabinets after I trimmed off about 3/4 inch so my fridge would fit.

The LG LMXS30776 is a big refrigerator. It has almost 30 cubic feet of storage space, which means it’s one of the larger consumer refrigerators available at the moment. It’s just over 35.5 inches deep with the door handles and it’s just shy of 69 inches high, so you’re going to want to be sure you have enough space in your kitchen and then measure and re-measure to be completely sure.

My home was built in 1996 and my cabinets were just about 3/4 of an inch too low, but a lot of the newer refrigerators are 69 inches or higher now. I had to actually cut off the bottom of my cabinets for this new refrigerator to fit easily in my kitchen.

When you’re comparing refrigerators be sure to check the manufacturer websites for specs, not the retail store. I found a lot of retail stores rounding measurements (or just getting them plain wrong) when I was shopping for a fridge. Here’s a link to the exact size and measurements of the LMXS30776 in case you’re wondering.


Most people who order a refrigerator need it delivered and we were no exception. Once we placed our order The Home Depot told us their first delivery date was about a week away, which seemed pretty reasonable. We opted for a few weeks out to give us time to prepare.

Carrying a fridge with harnesses.

Shout out to Carlos and Dan for delivering our new fridge so easily!

We were called the day before delivery and given a four hour window to wait. The truck driver actually called us about 30 minutes before our delivery to give us a heads up that he would be arriving soon. Once we received the call my wife and I quickly emptied all the food from our existing fridge and stored as much as we could in plastic coolers while we waited for them to arrive.

Once here, the delivery went smoothly. Instead of using a wheeled dolly to move our old refrigerator, the delivery men used a strap and harness system where they run a strap under the fridge (or any appliance), attach both sides to a chest harness and can then stand and lift and walk around with the appliance between them.

Remember how I said this fridge is big? It is, and the handles, while appropriately sized, made getting the fridge into our house quite a trick. The delivery men had to remove the two freezer section doors and trays to fit the refrigerator through our front door. Removing the tray requires removing some screws and wiring harnesses, but the task when smoothly.

After putting the fridge in the kitchen our delivery men attached the water line for the ice maker, installed the water filter and plugged it in. They cleaned up a few pieces of packing material and were on their way to another house in about 40 minutes, start to finish.

The manual for the LMXS30776 says that food shouldn’t be placed into the fridge until it’s been running for at least 4 hours, but as soon as it was plugged in we started putting our food back. I measured the temperature with a coil refrigerator thermometer and it really did take a solid four hours for the temperature inside to really get back to a food safe temperature.

Refrigerator Section

LG LMXS30776

The LG LMXS30776 refrigeration section.

I’m going to say this again: this is a big fridge. The food area is pretty much what you find in all modern refrigerators: it’s spacious, filled with cool bright bluish white LED lighting, and somewhat configurable. The LMXS30776 comes with four adjustable shelves. One of those shelves is a convertible “half shelf” that can be slide down and turned into a half shelf so you have room to stand up tall things like 2 liter bottles of soda or wine bottles.

There are three spacious clear sliding drawers and two little “snack” holding areas with a simple piece of glass resting on them. Slide the glass out of the way and you can get to simple cold snacks. This is a clever idea, but these little “drawers” are just indents that are covered with a sheet of glass. The glass can be picked up and taken out with zero effort. It seems like parts of your fridge shouldn’t be that easy to take off. There is literally nothing (other than gravity) keeping these silly glass covers where they should be. I suspect we’ll eventually just remove them.

I tested the temperature and everything seems to be working pretty much as it’s supposed to. Within about 8 hours of first bring plugged in the temperature in the refrigerator had stabilized and it was perfectly in sync with my own thermometer.

Refrigerator Doors

The LG LMXS30776S

The LG LMXS30776S… in our kitchen.

As you can see from the photos, this is a “French” door refrigerator with two equal sized doors opening up to reveal the entire fridge section on top. The doors are large and thick and a little heavy. They are solidly built and open and close with ease, though they are not balance to drift shut automatically. If you leave a door half-way open it will sit in that position until someone pushes it closed.

The right side door has the door-in-door feature which is pretty darn handy. It essentially allows you to access the items stored in the door bins without letting out the cold air from the rest of the refrigerator. It isn’t perfect (cold air does obviously escape) but it’s pretty convenient for getting milk and drinks and condiments out, especially if you tend to go in and out of the fridge frequently (as we do). The door-in-door has a few small “in door” trays which can hold regular 12 oz plastic or glass bottles, but nothing over sized. I’ve noticed the items on the door are not quite as cold as the rest of the fridge, which sort of makes sense: they are the things closest to the outside of the fridge (and the warmer air). The door-in-door feature works well and when compared to other models only ended up costing an extra $100 or so. For the price it’s a worthwhile upgrade.

The left door has the small ice maker and some narrow plastic storage shelves. The water filter is also kept behind one of these storage shelves which simply pops out and allows you to replace the filter when needed. The left door has a sort of stainless steel covered “flange” on it that slides into place to make the seal between the French doors tight when they are both closed. This flange normally sits flat, but sometimes it rotates out, preventing the left door from closing. When this happens there is a jarring “clunk” as you try to close the left door. The pivoting flange slams into the fridge. It doesn’t happen often and you quickly learn how to be careful and avoid it, but I’m pretty sure one of my kids is going to end up denting something at some point.

Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

LG IceSystem

The LG Ice and Water dispensers.

The LG LMXS30776 uses its own Slim SpacePlus Ice System which essentially means it’s an ice maker that completely runs out of the fridge door. The advantage to this is that it gives you a lot more fridge space, but the disadvantage is that it has a much smaller ice cube capacity, so if you have a gathering with a lot of people looking for ice in their drinks, the machine probably won’t be able to keep up with demand.

LG says the LMXS30776 can make about 3.5 pound of ice per day and the storage bin holds about 3 pounds of ice. A 10 pound bag of ice from the grocery store costs a few bucks, and it might be worth picking up if you’re having a lot of people over for a party.

Ice is made pretty simply: water pours into a little tray and once the cubes are frozen the tray tips and dumps the ice into the holding bin. When this happens it’s a relatively quiet (but not silent) operation. The sound is muffled well.

Our family of four has yet to run out of ice, though it isn’t summer and we don’t usually fill a glass with ice like some restaurants do. You can get to the ice storage bin itself to grab a handful of ice, but it’s pretty inconvenient and not really recommended.

After being plugged in it will take a while for your “ice system” to start making ice. It took ours about 12 hours to actually produce a small pile of ice, but since that time it’s been working as it should be.

This is a standard refrigerator ice dispenser, so the ice cubes are small and the little cubes do get jammed from time to time. You can usually solve the problem by opening the door and quickly shaking the ice cube tray to loosen everything.

Ice dispensing works as you would expect it to: push the glass against a little plate and ice drops down. You can choose between cubed (they’re nice and small) or crushed ice chips with the digital display on the door. When you dispense ice a little white light comes on, illuminating the glass so you can even fill it in the dark.

Water dispensing works the same way: you hold your glass against a plate above the ice dispenser and water comes out. Pretty simple.

It should be noted that both water and ice are a “one handed” operation. You don’t have to press a button to switch between functions (as you had to with older refrigerators). You hold your glass at one spot for ice and a different spot for water. The water dispenser also has its own light.

I had to run a water line to my kitchen for this fridge. The manual specifically states that you should not use a simple “tap” water valve to get water from a cold water piper and you should instead install a real plumbing valve. They recommend this because little tap water valves may not give your fridge enough water pressure. The LMXS30776 manual has all the specifics. I did use a little self-tapping valve and my water dispenser and ice maker work fine. I only have mediocre water pressure in my whole house. I would recommend trying to use your existing water line (or using a simple tap valve) first. If your fridge doesn’t produce ice or you don’t have much water pressure then you can go about replacing the tap valve on your pipes with a larger valve.

Digital Display

To the left of the ice maker is the digital display which services as your control panel for most of the fridge. Here are your options from top to bottom:

Ice Type: Cubed or Chipped

Refrigerator: allows you control your refrigerator temp by cycling through temps from 46 degrees down to 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

Freezer: allows you to control your freezer temp by cycling through temps from 8 degrees to -6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fresh Air Filter: recommends when you need to change your air filter. Yes, this fridge has an air filter in the refrigerator section. You can hold the button down to reset it.

Ice Plus: This tells your ice maker to make ice faster by running an internal fan a little faster. This helps the ice freeze a little faster. I believe this will help your ice maker make 3.8 pounds of ice per day instead of the standard 3.5.

Light/Water Filter: Recommends when you should change the water filter. Also allows you to keep the ice dispenser light on all the time, acting as sort of mini night light for your kitchen.

Door Alarm/Lock: Turns the door alarm on or off. If you leave any fridge, freezer or door-in-door open for more than a minute a small chime rings out, reminding you to close the door. I recommend keeping this on.

CustomChill 4th Drawer

The 4 door LG LMXS30776 has four doors: the two refrigerator doors, the freezer drawer and then a 4th door in the middle. This is the “CustomChill” drawer that allows you to change the use of the drawer from “really cold” to “kind warm” just by changing the temperature.

A lot of the newer high end refrigerators have this feature, and it’s a clever customization feature. It will not really get cold enough to be a fully functional freezer space, but it would work for slowly thawing out frozen foods. We like the fact that it’s big enough to fit a reasonable sized deli or fruit tray with ease, which is something we could never do with our narrow side-by-side refrigerator.

If I were more of a wine connoisseur I’d probably appreciate this drawer a lot more and use it to properly chill my wine. Right now we use it to store bread, cheap wine and beer.

Freezer Space

Freezer on the bottom.

The LMXS30776 freezer with sliding drawers.

I will admit: I’m still getting used to the freezer being down so low in the kitchen. I don’t like bending down and rooting around through frozen foods, though this freezer is big enough and bright enough that it has made things pretty comfortable so far. The whole freezer drawer slides out easily and though it feels heavy, it also feels solid. There’s no shimmy or wobble with this freezer drawer.

The freezer area has three different sections to it. The bottom-most section is the largest section and it’s where you’ll end up piling most of your frozen food. It has a middle divider that can be adjusted back and forth (though not easily removed) and it is plenty deep and wide.

Over the large freezer area (but still within the freezer drawer) there are two sliding sections. One is thin sliding tray and above it is a sliding freezer drawer. The sliding tray only gives you an inch or two of room, so it’s good for storing frozen pizzas, flat ice packs or even small bags of flatted frozen veggies. The sliding drawer is a good bit bigger and it’s high enough to handle a box of frozen waffles or even a half-gallon carton of ice cream.

These sliding drawers make it easier to “get” to certain foods and it largely eliminates the problem of “burying” and losing food in a very deep freezer. My only complaint is that the two sliding drawers do not open with the freezer drawer. So you have to pull open the freezer drawer all the way and then stick your hand down and kind of reach around blindly until you find the drawers to pull them out. After a few weeks of use this has not gotten any less awkward, but at least now I know what to expect.

Overall Finish and Technology

Our refrigerator is technically model number LMXS30776S.  The “S” stands for “stainless.”  There is also a Black Steel option that’s designated as the LMXS30776B.

I won’t lie: the stainless steel looks really nice. Really, really nice. But it isn’t magnetic, so all your refrigerator art will have to be attached with something other than magnets or they will have to go on the sides of your fridge if you have access to them.  The sides will hold magnets.

The LG stainless steel is not fingerprint or smudge proof, but we noticed most of the display refrigerators at Home Depot looked pretty good. We asked our salesman about this and nodded and smiled. He showed us a can of Magic Stainless Steel cleaner and he said it’s what everyone in the store uses.  It’s a special stainless steel cleaner which essentially puts a thin protective coat on your appliances and protects them in the same way waxing your car protects the finish. We used it and it seems to work pretty well.

The handles are big, solid and comfortable. The freezer and middle drawer handle actually shift upwards a little bit when they are pulled to make it easier to open the drawers. The button to open the door-in-door feature is stylish and functional.

The newer LG refrigerators use a linear compressor which, according to LG, have shown to be quieter, more energy efficient and proven to last longer.

Video Tour of the LG LMXS30776 Refrigerator

Overall Impression

Yes, this is still a consumer-level refrigerator, but it is a high-end consumer fridge and it’s one that would fit into a professional kitchen. It’s big, it’s energy efficient, it’s bright and it would make quite an impression in most kitchens.

So far everyone in my family is really happy with our new fridge. It wouldn’t be too much to say that it has been one of those little “quality of life” improvements over our old, dark, cramped refrigerator.

If you have any questions about the fridge or its use in everyday life, drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer you quickly!

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